Private cloud

Private Cloud Computing Services

Private Cloud Deployments offer the best in class Security, Control and an extra hand over the Infrastructure of your company. A recent study shows that Private cloud deployments reduce the cost of operating an online business by upto 40% in an average. What are you waiting for? Opt-in to Private Cloud from Pink Networks and avail the best in class service powered by Industry’s best and certified technicians around the clock!


Rapid Deployment

Pink Networks is the #1 Private Cloud Provider when it comes to Rapid Deployment. We’re ready to deploy 100s of servers in just hours and 1000s in days

for the future

Extensive Scalability

Sometimes you might need more resources added to your Cloud as soon as possible. In such times, We’ll add more servers as you need with utmost speed possible.


Best Support

Pink Networks offers 24×7 support directly by Engineers. No middle man in the name of account manager. It ensures that your support queries are handled in no-time.

Why Private Cloud?


When you choose to go with Private Cloud, You can enjoy a way more better security because from the switch to the parts, everything will be isolated only for you!

Single Tenancy

Unlike Public Cloud, Private Clouds operate in an isolated network in which all servers and resources are owned by a single enterprise. It ensures more security of your Data!


Public clouds are very effective in case if you need consistence. As all the resources in the pool are yours, you’ll have a smooth consistent performance of your application forever.

Get your Private Cloud deployed by our experts!