colocation in india

Colocation Datacenter Provider in India

Pink Networks owns TIER 3 Datacenter facilities in India in two distinct places of India. Pink Networks is one of the most leading provider of Cloud Servers and Datacenter related services in India. Our services are used by topmost brands and we serve more than billion requests a second from our Indian Datacenter Facilities.

Pink Networks’s Data centers are located in Chennai and Delhi. These locations are strategically chosen by our panel of experts by which we can provide optimized latency throughout India which ensures your applications load in a jiffy! We offer all ranges of enterprise data center services ranging from Dedicated Server hosting service, Cloud computing to Colocation services.

The most important features of our datacenter facilities are:-

  • All Datacenter Facilities are ISO certified and certified TIER 3/3+ or 4 Datacenters
  • We have a strict SLA of 99.9% Network Availability and 100% Power Availability. If something wrong happens, Nothing would be affected and you’ll run smoothly as you were before.
  • 3 Layers of Security for bullet-proof safety of Data. We make use of the most advanced security systems including Artificial Intelligence. We monitor all your network packets in 3 different layers to ensure that only legitimate requests reach your server. Most of potential hack attempt will be monitored and flushed off within network filters.
  • 24×7 Physically Staffed Datacenter NOC Facility. We have employed a specialized and expertized team to monitor the network proactively for any known network issues. In case if there is any potential issue identified, Our network engineers will fix it within moments and keep up with the SLA.
  • 100% Secured Datacenter premises. All corridors, workspaces, server rooms are 24×7 monitored by humans with the help of CCTV. We have not even left the parking lot of our facility. From entry to exit, everything is monitored by humans.
  • All staffs within the facility has limited access to certain zones. In order to enter into the Server room, All our staffs are required to authenticate their Access card with Iris and Fingerprint scanner. No unauthorized person can enter our facility with 100% Guarantee.
  • Our datacenter facilities in India are built with best care possible. All construction materials used on the Facility are fire retardant including but not limited to paint, tiles and doors. Moreover, all server rooms in our facility are suppressed with Human safe anti-fire gas. In case if any hardware component fires up, It won’t last long as the air has anti-fire particles in it. Ensuring more and more safety for your expensive hardware components and data in it.
  • State of the art Cisco networking equipments used in all our World Class Datacenters in India. 100% A to Z routing is powered by best in class Cisco equipments ensuring best performance and better security on a long run.
  • Each of our Datacenter in India has no less than 200 KVa of Redundant Electricity connection directly from a local power discom. Moreover we operate on a Critical grid that’s used by most of the Hospitals in the City. Even if the entire city’s power is down, Your dedicated servers would operate seamlessly without issues.
  • Pink Networks has a global bandwidth backbone of 4TBPS and a major part of it comes from our Indian networking backbone. All our Datacenters have a minimum of 5 network connections from different providers in a different pathways. It ensures that the network connection in the Datacenter is always on. Moreover we have peered with most of the top IX points within India to reduce the latency of your server to users in India.
  • Pink Networks’s support team works right within the datacenter facility on-premise. We don’t outsource them instead we have them all in the workspaces within the Datacenter facility making sure they have physical access to the machines and can respond promptly.
  • Pink Networks is the one and only company in the industry to provide 30 seconds response guarantee. You need not to mail again and again without knowing whether they read it or not. You can interact with an Support Engineer directly and convey your issue. We respect your time!