Bulk IP Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers with Bulk IP addresses for SEO, Proxy or any other legal needs

World's #1 After-Sale Support with Guarantee!

We’re pleasured to say that Pink Networks is the one and only best after-sale support provider in the Industry. We offer unparalleled support with just 120 second response time guarantee and 8 hour resolution SLA. For any reasons, If we don’t keep up promises, We’ll pay compensation for that!

Datacenter Overview

The reasons why we say “We operate state-of-the art Datacenters”

redundant to the core

Your Dedicated Servers will use N+1 redundant network, redundant power and redundant cooling and it makes sure that there’s no single point of failure at any cost and at any time!

On critical grid

The datacenter of your dedicated server is connected to redundant critical electricity grid, which is used by top hospitals in City, making sure even if the complete city’s electricity is down, We’ll work as usual!


Pink Networks Datacenters are connected with a minimum of five TIER 1 Networks. Even if one network goes down, Your dedicated servers will be able to serve you and your clients flawlessly

4 layer protection

All network packets that come inside our network are monitored by 4 different security layers for better protection. The 4 layers are namely, Human + Heuristic AI + Standard AI + Firewall

anti-Fire gas suppressed

The Server Room of our datacenter facilities are suppressed with Fire retardant and human-safe gas. Your valuable equipment and server components will be even more secured from fire now!

physically secured

Our Datacetner Facilities are not just secured electronically but physically as well. Our Datacenters include multiple layers of retina, fingerprint & access card based access within the facility. 

Xeon Quad Core

(4 Cores / 8 Threads)
$ 350 Per Month
  • 500GB HDD SATA Drive
  • 10TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • /24 IPv4 Address (253 Usable)
  • 100% Clean IP Space
  • All Ports Open

Xeon Quad Core

(4 Cores / 8 Threads)
$ 421 Per Month
  • 1TB HDD SATA Drive
  • 20TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • /24 IPv4 Address (253 Usable)
  • 100% Clean IP Space
  • All Ports Open

Xeon Octa Core

(8 Cores / 16 Threads)
$ 450 Per Month
  • 2TB HDD SATA Drive
  • 50TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • /24 IPv4 Address (253 Usable)
  • 100% Clean IP Space
  • All Ports Open

Any sort of illegal activities are not tolerated and will be instantly terminated if found so. Purely for legal purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most usually, This category of servers are provisioned within 24-72 hours. In case if you’re making an enterprise order or customized order, the time may get varied.

Yes! You’ll get complete root access and you can install applications and stacks of your wish without needing to contact us.

If you don’t find your choice of operating system in dedicated server configurable options section while checkout, you can let us know what operating system you need to install by creating a quick Live chat and our executives will get that set for you.

We guarantee 99.99% uptime with SLA on all our Dedicated Servers